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The answers to frequently asked questions below are general in nature and do not modify the terms of their respective Plans. You should refer to the related Summary Plan Description for more specific information regarding each Fund's Plan.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do the Funds need in order to accept contributions?

The Funds require a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) between an Employer and the IATSE or an IATSE local, together with a Trust Acceptance Document  in conjunction with that CBA.

How do I know if I am a participant in the Plan?

If you are working for an Employer who is required to make contributions to this Plan pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the International Union or an Affiliated Local, and contributions are received on your behalf then you are considered a participant of the Plan.

Are separate reports required for contributions to each Fund, e.g., one for Health & Welfare, one for Pension, one for Annuity?

No.  If the CBA calls for contributions to more than one of the National Funds for each covered employee, all employees being paid the same ‘rate group’ should be included on one report.  

How is money credited to my Vacation Fund Account?

Each participant of this Plan has contributions credited to his/her account as contributions are received from their employers. The entire cost of the Vacation Fund is met by employer post tax contributions. Participants cannot make contributions to their account.

What language needs to be included in a CBA for it to be acceptable to the Funds?

At a minimum, the CBA must contain a recognition provision, basic working terms and conditions and, of course, a benefit provision setting forth the required contributions to be submitted to each Fund for which a contribution is required on behalf of employees doing covered work.


A “participation agreement” between the parties, which only sets forth participation in the Funds is not a CBA and therefore not acceptable.

How is my account valued?

Each account is valued at the beginning of the year based on work actually performed in the prior calendar year. Your account balance consists of:

1. Contributions made on your behalf from employers for the prior calendar year received by the valuation date.

2. Any contribution(s) remaining in your account from the prior calendar year which was not included in the prior year’s check; plus (or minus).

3. Any adjustments for investment income and administrative expenses.

Can multiple rate groups be included on the same report?

No.  Each rate group and the employees subject to them, respectively, must be on a separate report.

Can a CBA be accepted without a separate Trust Acceptance Document?

Yes, but ONLY if the necessary Trust Acceptance language is contained within the body of the CBA.

How should the contribution check be made out? Do I need to do a separate check for each Fund?

It is not necessary to submit a separate check for each Fund. A single check for the full amount of the contributions set forth on the remittance reports may be made out to the IATSE National Benefit Funds whether for one or multiple Funds.  The check amount must, however, match the amount being reported.  

Is a Trust Acceptance Document enough for the Funds to accept contributions?

No, a Trust Acceptance Document is only valid in conjunction with a CBA.

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